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Volunteering presentation

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is the time you give to strengthen your community and improve others' quality of life as well as your own. There are so many ways to be involved in the community that:

How can volunteering fit into my lifestyle?

You may be at a point in your life when you do not want to take on any more responsibility or you may be in a position to take charge. There is a wide spectrum of volunteer opportunities available to suit a range of interests and circumstances.

You can volunteer:

Combine volunteering with other things that are important in your life such as:

What kind of volunteering can I do?

The possibilities are endless.


Management and administration

Technology and social media

Building and handicrafts

Nature and environment

One-to-one support

Direct Service


Benefits of volunteering

In addition to the valuable contribution you make to the community, volunteering has been proven to have many benefits for you as a volunteer.

Opportunities to:

Reduction of:

Volunteering and retirement planning

Volunteering can play a key role at every stage but it can also serve as a way to help you through transitions, such as retirement. Volunteering can contribute to your quality of life today and allow you to create a legacy for the future.

Whether your transition or retirement involves a change in your household, neighbourhood, health situation, employment status, or daily schedule, volunteering can make your days both meaningful and satisfying in new ways.

Volunteering can connect you to your community, help you maintain your skills or develop new skills, and allow you to participate in the democratic process. Through volunteering, you can help shape and preserve the society you want to live in - for yourself and for generations to come.

How to find the right volunteer opportunity:

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

What kind of volunteer are you?

Take the Volunteer Quiz and get some ideas of what might suit your interests, skills, and personality.

Finding volunteer opportunities

To find current opportunities, call an organization you know, contact your local volunteer centre, look in your neighbourhood newspaper, or check out websites or databases for volunteers.

This document has been prepared by Volunteer Canada at the request of the Forum of Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors. The Forum is an intergovernmental body established to share information, discuss new and emerging issues related to seniors, and work collaboratively on key projects.

Québec's participation in the development of this document was aimed at sharing expertise, information and best practices. However Québec does not subscribe to, or take part in, an integrated pan-Canadian approach in this field and intends to fully assume its responsibilities for seniors in Québec.

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