Age-friendly workplaces: A self-assessment tool for employers

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A healthy work environment means more productive and engaged employees. An important aspect of creating a healthy work environment is cultivating a workplace culture that embraces and values workers of all ages and abilities, and that includes older workers.

Age-friendly workplaces are good for business, and good for employers and employees.

Adopting age-friendly recruitment practices that attract applicants over 50 years of age enables employers to draw on a wider pool of talent. Employers that retain older workers are retaining experience, corporate knowledge, productivity and diversity in their workplaces.

Any sized business or workplace can become age-friendly and adopt age-friendly practices. Take this simple assessment to find out if you offer a workplace that is attractive to older workers.

Human resource planning checklist

Recruitment checklist

We state in our job advertisements that we seek employees:

When interviewing applicants we:

We place job ads where older workers are likely to see them, such as:

Training and development checklist

We provide flexible training opportunities such as:

To help keep the skills of all employees, including older employees, up-to-date, we:

Retention checklist

We show we value employees by:

We provide, as needed, accommodations to assist employees in doing their jobs, such as:

We offer flexible work options such as:

We educate our staff members on:

This document has been jointly prepared by the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors Forum. The Forum is an intergovernmental body established to share information, discuss new and emerging issues related to seniors, and work collaboratively on key projects.

Québec's participation in the development of this document was aimed at sharing expertise, information and best practices. However Québec does not subscribe to, or take part in, an integrated pan-Canadian approach in this field and intends to fully assume its responsibilities for seniors in Québec.

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