British Columbia - Information for Seniors

Find federal and provincial information about the services, benefits, programs and initiatives available to seniors in British Columbia.

Canada Benefits

Find information on federal and provincial services and benefits that are available for seniors in British Columbia.

Province of British Columbia

Find information about government and community services on the Province of British Columbia's website for seniors.

211 British Columbia

Call 2-1-1, or visit their website, for information about government and local community programs and services. Available 24 hours a day in over 150 languages. (Sponsored by the United Way Centraide and other partners.)

Service Canada

Visit Service Canada for information about Government of Canada programs and services, including Old Age Security and the Canada Pension Plan.

British Columbia Seniors' Guide

View British Columbia's guide to programs, services and resources for seniors.

British Columbia Seniors' Guide in PDF format (6,959 kB, 170 pages).

British Columbia Elders' Guide

View British Columbia's guide to programs, services and resources for Aboriginal and First Nations Elders.

British Columbia Elders' Guide in PDF format (1,434 kb, 190 pages).

1 800 O-Canada

To speak with an agent for more information, call 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232) or visit the Contact us page.

Federal tax information

Visit the Canada Revenue Agency for information about federal tax credits and benefits for seniors.

British Columbia video tutorial

Help seniors in British Columbia find the information they need! Community organizations, retirement residences, medical offices: promote the video tutorial on your digital display.

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