Transcript: Thinking of you - National Seniors Day

Individual 1: There has been a lot of seniors who have had great impacts on my life.

Individual 2: It’s got to be my grandmother. Um, from birth she was always around and took part in raising me. Always fond memories of her. Going to the park, pushing me on the swing set… I think I have more memories with her than almost anyone outside of my parents. So it’s a little bit difficult now that she’s not here anymore.

Individual 3: Definitely both my grandmothers have had an impact on my life. Growing up, they were like mother figures to me; they were always supportive of me. And though they’re gone now, they still continue to be an influence and an inspiration.

Individual 4: They share their wisdom with me, they make me feel like I can touch the stars if I wanted to.

Individual 5: They lived through the difficult times, the wars, and that’s kind of why I’m representing the military in my career because I admired what they did, and the love and guidance they gave myself and our families.

Individual 1: Meeting with him was brief. I can say he had a great impact on my life.

Individual 5: Stephen and Dawn Bernard, and Betty and Bill Harder: I am thinking of you.

Individual 6: Grandma Joan, I’m thinking of you.

Individual 1: Papi Moïse, I’m thinking of you.

Individual 4: Adela, I’m thinking of you.

Individual 7: I’d love to talk about my grandmother, Elianne Bouchard: lovely woman. She started out as an uneducated young lady in the sixties. Decided after a divorce, back in the day, to go back to school, become a chartered accountant and made something of her life. She is one of the most intelligent, equipped, smart ladies I have ever met, honestly. And she’s the sweetest thing. She does call me fat, when I gain a little bit of weight, but that’s okay; it’s alright. It only hurts in here.

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