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Celebrating seniors in (INSERT LOCATION)

National Seniors Day is just around the corner on October 1, and we invite you to celebrate seniors in (INSERT LOCATION)!

We can all think of a senior who has made an impact in our lives. They are our mentors, our leaders, our grandparents and our loved ones. They are our volunteers, our neighbours and our role models.

Through their commitment to remain active, engaged and informed, seniors across the country are demonstrating to Canadians of all ages exactly what it means to age well. And we are all benefiting from their ongoing contributions.

Every day, seniors right here in (INSERT LOCATION) are making a big difference in our community. For example (INSERT PERSONALIZED LOCAL SENIOR PARAGRAPH HERE).

So let's take the time to celebrate our seniors on National Seniors Day and show our appreciation for everything they do.


We also encourage you to find your own unique way to celebrate the seniors in your life. However you choose to express your gratitude, the message that we value older Canadians will be heard—and appreciated.

Looking for ideas on how celebrate the seniors in your life?

How about baking cookies for grandma or an elderly neighbour, hosting a luncheon to highlight the contributions of your experienced co-workers or older volunteers or sending a thank-you note to the seniors you know? You can also visit Canada.ca/Seniors for ideas, to print posters or send a certificate of appreciation or a personalized e-postcard to the seniors you know.

We are proud of the seniors in our community. We value what they have done for us, and they deserve our thanks.

We look forward to celebrating National Seniors Day in (INSERT LOCATION) and encourage everyone to thank the seniors in their lives.

Happy National Seniors Day everyone!

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